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Did Russia sell out Iran for $20 billion?

It was rumored about a week ago that Russia was going to wrap up its program of cooperation with Iran, right before the G-8 summit in Kananaskis. The construction of the nuclear power plant in the town of Busher was repeatedly mentioned. There has been a lot said about the fact that Russia was going to stop its participation in the project due to insuperable contradictions between Moscow and Tehran. They forgot about this issue soon after.

However, the Saudi newspaper Al-Watan reported with reference to American official sources that Russia agreed to the USA’s offer to stop cooperating with Iran in the field of the construction of the nuclear reactor in Busher.

This decision was made during the G-8 summit, which took place in Canada. Russia will receive $20 billion for showing its "good sense" to the United States; the money will be paid within the coming ten years. Furthermore, Moscow reportedly addressed Washington to ask for a gradual pull out from the Iran project. The request was granted. It was said that Russia was also concerned about the future of its conventional arms sales to Iran.

Saudi journalists might misinterpret the messages from those sources. Russia was supposed to get the $20 billion indeed, but it would not be only the USA to allot the money, but also other G-8 countries. The money will be used to dismantle old nuclear subs, weapons of mass destruction, biological, and chemical weapon.

As far as cooperation with Iran is concerned, the Russian minister for Nuclear Power, Alexander Rumyantsev, declared that the Russian leadership made the decision to complete the works in Busher despite the criticism from the Americans.

However, the news about Moscow and Tehran stopping their cooperation soon is becoming regular, so, maybe, Al-Watan journalists are right? It is an open secret that there are certain contradictions between Russia and Iran, pertaining to the Caspian Sea status, for example. Moscow might reconsider the issue of cooperation with Iran, because it results in problems with the USA. Moscow does not need such problems now.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov