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Bill White: Virtual Retch Southern Poverty Law Center Joins With Pornographers And Neo-Cons To Attack The Anti-Globalist Movement

10.01.2002 | Source:



“A solid case can be made that the Third Reich National Socialists were the first Green Party – a genocidal pack of ecofreaks.”

That strange quote was one of many published by militant neo-liberal activist Michael Reynolds in a recent Playboy article “Virtual Reich” -- the latest hack job from a recently active collective of writers dedicated to the demonization and suppression of popular dissent. Funded and controlled by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the nebulous nucleus of neo-liberal fascism working and a major sponsor of the “anti-hate” movement – a government sponsored movement to suppress dissenting political views – these writers have been publishing wild conspiracy theories, on the internet and off, claiming that the anti-globalization movement, the anarchist black block, and radical environmental movements like Earth First! are all being controlled by a shadowy neo-Nazi-Muslim “axis” who is working behind the scenes to turn today’s youth into the “hard-core soldiers of neo-fascism.”

And while statements like:

“The group Earth First was cranked up 20 years ago by a clutch of white eco-warriors whose backpacks carried … anti-immigrant racism and a genocide-friendly attitude.”

may not be carrying weight with the thinking portion of America’s audience, they reveal a sinister agenda and a disturbing convergence of left and right wing ruling class tendencies in defense to increasing powerful attacks on global capitalism from both the left and the right. Sponsored by radical Zionists, “neo-conservative” publications, and mainstream liberal groups, this campaign of trickery directed against the American public is designed to stifle and suppress free speech while eroding first amendment rights, and no one of any political stripe is being exempted.

But even more frightening is the fact that this group of radical pro-globalists has infiltrated the anti-globalist movement they write about, with one neo-liberal activist, Kevin Coogan, being openly praised and supported by the organs of “official” anarchism and the self-appointed anti-globalist leaders. Understanding what is going on is quite a trip – one that starts with the Southern Poverty Law Center and ends in the depth of the new left-right convergence of neo-liberal fascism.

Back In Black – Black Shirts, That Is

For the past twenty years the Southern Poverty Law Center has been advancing a thinly veiled fascist agenda – and by “fascist” we don’t mean the empty insult that neo-liberals like to hurl at their opponents. According to Colin Cross, author of the 1961 book Fascists in Britain:

“The top priority of Fascist policy was to rewrite the … Constitution. There would be only one political party, and the only allowable criticism of the government would be … ‘constructive criticism.’ … The Press would remain free – provided its editors and proprietors printed the ‘truth’. It would be a criminal offense for them to publish untrue news … For the private individual … contact between Government and people must ever be … close …”

One could hardly describe the SPLC agenda better.

The SPLC came out of the efforts of Morris Dees, a former major fundraiser for the Democratic Party who absconded from the McGovern for President campaign with the group’s fundraising lists to found a “non-profit” political organization of his own. After experimenting with a group designed to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights, Dees shifted tactics and decided to focus on stripping away First Amendment rights instead. Over two decades he launched a number of lawsuits against political activists with views unpopular to media organizations controlled by his Democratic Party friends, and succeeded in winning legal “victories” like bankrupting TV repairman Tom Metzger, a working class stiff with white supremacist views that couldn’t even afford an attorney to represent him, and was forced to try to defend himself in court against the SPLC’s $200 million dollar attack.

But Dees has run out of traditional targets. Having jailed or driven out of business most Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazi organizations who can’t afford attorneys, he has been stripped of easy targets, and has been left searching for greener pastures in which to ply his trade. In December of 1999, after perpetrating a media fraud in which he claimed a mentally 20-year old Jewish youth named Andrew Greenbaum was going to take DC with hundreds of stormtroopers (the event was cancelled for lack of attendance), he abandoned opposition to the “far right” to take on a much more vital function for the ruling class – the suppression of the “anti-globalist” movement which is threatening to win popular support and overturn the mechanisms of the global capitalism that he serves.

Working through Mark Potok, the editor of his Intelligence Report, in a now infamous unsigned article “Neither Left nor Right”, the SPLC wrote:

“Right alongside the "progressive" groups that demonstrated in Seattle -- mostly peaceful defenders of labor, the environment, animal rights and similar causes -- were the hard-edged soldiers of neofascism.”

Quoting a little known essay by Louis Beam, which Dees’ crew falsely claims has become a “defining document” (no extremist or extremist group was able to identify the essay or its contents when queried by Pravda), Dees’ crew claimed that:

“Titled ‘Battle in Seattle: American Face Off the Police State,’ it is the most important and influential revolutionary essay by a white nationalist since the publication of Beam’s essay ‘Leaderless Resistance.’”

The most important and influential essay no one in the anti-globalist movement has read. And the propaganda didn’t stop there. Instead, they offer readers a new definition of “fascism”, stating that it is:

“[Opposition] to what are seen as the homogenizing forces of globalism. … [Despising] capitalism, with its tendency to concentrate wealth and to make people and economies more and more alike -- turning the planet into what is seen as a bland and materialistic McWorld. … [Fighting] for a pristine environment, a land unsullied by corporate agriculture and urbanization. [Detesting] man-centered philosophies, seeing animals as no less important than humans. [Rejecting] rationalism in favor of a kind of mystical spirituality. [And] above all, … [favoring] decentralization.”

It was the ultimate in Orwellian doublespeak. “Fascism” – the ideology of “corporate socialism” which believes that all activity should be centralized in the state – had been redefined by Dees to mean the exact opposite. Now, if one opposed the authority of Morris Dees’ government and the capitalists that controlled it, one became a “fascist” – and the goose-stepping cops who swallow down Dees-ian propaganda and the shadowy G-men who lurk in the shadows, infiltrating and suppressing the civil rights of political dissidents, had become the defenders of “democracy” and “egalitarianism.”


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