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3 Men Fell Victims To A Powerful Snow Storm In Russia's Far East

Three men have fallen victims of a snow cyclone storming in the Far East for a third day now. Worker on duty of the Vladivostok rescue-coordination centre Dmitry Ryabchenko told RIA Novosti that two fishermen had been taken away by a squall wind gust in the sea from the board of the refrigerator trawler Nevelsky Komsomolets in the northern part of Primorye. One of them was saved. A seaman of the Sakhalin fishing seiner Obruchevo and a radio operator of the Armavir vessel have fallen victims to the snow storm on the coasts of Primorye and Kurile Islands, which continues on the Sakhalin and in the south of the Kuriles. The wind speed in these districts reaches 25-30m/sec., and a strong snow-fall continues.

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