Source Pravda.Ru

International arms sales

USA tops the list

The USA is the country that sells most weapons, Israel being its main customer, according to a Congressional report released this week.

The report, “Conventional Arms Transfers to Developing Nations” had been undertaken at the request of the Congress Research Department, and indicates that the sale of weapons has decreased sharply in the last five years due to the economic downturn, the volume of sales reaching an eight-year low point in 2001.

The report’s findings are based upon sales and delivery contracts for consignments of weapons, which show for a certain period of time that the deliveries do not match the contracts. In this time period, there are around 16 bn. USD of registered sales contracts but only 14.4 bn. USD-worth of deliveries.

Globally, the USA sold around 26.4 bn. USD of arms in 2001, compared with 40 bn. USD the previous year. Developing nations continue to top the list of buyers.