Source Pravda.Ru

Putin is ready to visit Iran

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accepted the invitation of the Iranian leader to visit Iran.

This invitation was handed over to the Russian President by Secretary of the Supreme Council for National Security of Iran Hassan Rouhani at the Monday meeting with Vladimir Putin.

President Mohammad Khatami "awaits you in Teheran to conduct thorough negotiations," said Rouhani.

In reply, Putin said: "This invitation is accepted with gratitude." He assured the Secretary of the Supreme Council for National Security that he would visit Iran without fail.

The head of the Russian state expressed the wish that during his visit to Teheran the sides would "do comprehensive work also with regard to the solution of the problem of the Caspian Sea." He reminded the Secretary that the sides agreed on this score in Ashkhabad.

Putin asked Rouhani to convey his best wishes to the President of Iran and thanked him for the invitation to visit the country.

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