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Investments in South Urals' Industries Keep Growing

A total of about $1 milliard was invested in the fixed capitals of South Urals' companies over the year 2001, which was a 4.6% increase on the year. According to the Committee on Economy of the Chelyabinsk Region, the money continued to mostly come from the companies' own funds. However, bank-financed investments also increased by 6.9% on the year. Investments into metal-processing and machine building companies grew by 23.1%, in fuel industry - by 20.6%, in non-ferrous metallurgy - by 20.3% and in ferrous metallurgy - by 29.5% on the year. Over the past year, the Chelyabinsk Region received $77.767 milliard in foreign investments, which is a 28.8% increase on the year. According to the Ural-Press-Inform news agency, the share in the total investments of the regional treasury came to $645,162.00. Ten companies of the region received governmental subsidies. The inflow of taxes increased by about $2 million and 200 new jobs were created. A new law 'On Investment Activities in the Chelyabinsk Region' was developed and is about to be submitted for approval to the regional legislative assembly.

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