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Iranian radio to broadcast the truth about Israel in Hebrew

It looks as though Iranian ideologists plan to revise their viewpoint concerning the anti-Israel struggle. At least, Teheran has realized that curses in the Persian language are ineffective and have no influence on Israelis. Iranian radio has decided to start broadcasting in Hebrew.

The BBC informs that, starting with June 11, Iranian radio will broadcast daily half-hour broadcasts in Israel. These Hebrew-language programs will not be available in Iran; however, Iranians probably don't need them. It is more likely that majority Iranians do not know the language chosen for broadcasting in Israel.

Iranian radio in Hebrew will be called David’s Voice. Main objective of the radio program is to provide adequate coverage of Mideast events. Israeli radio started broadcasting in Iran long ago, and foreign journalists say that the radio program has a large audience there. No polls on the subject have been held in Iran, which is why we cannot say whether or not the audience is really as large as claimed by the Israelis. Iranians themselves are unlikely to admit that they listen in Israeli radio, as this may entail punishment.

What is very interesting about the Hebrew-language broadcasts is that the word “Israel” is not to be mentioned in the programs at all, allegedly because of Arabs’ negative attitude to the word. It seems rather strange, as Arabs do not speak Hebrew.

On the whole, it is very doubtful that Iranian propaganda, even that broadcasted in Hebrew, will be of great use for the Islamic world. It is well known that Iranian radio is extremely pragmatic, and this is unlikely to be enough for broadcasting in Israel. Time will tell to what extent David’s Voice is to be effective.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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