Source Pravda.Ru

Another people's patriotic coalition shaping in Russia

The formation of a coalition of people's patriotic forces towards the parliamentary elections due in Russia in the end of this year will be announced early next week, RIA Novosti quotes Sergei Glazyev as saying at a press conference on Monday. The leader of the Congress of Russian Communities, Glazyev represents the left wingers in the lower chamber of Russian parliament.

He said the text of the coalition-forming address had been sent to representatives of different organizations, such as the KPRF, Labour Party and Democratic Party.

The existing coalition of people's patriotic forces, KPRF "does not include all the patriots." The new coalition will not signify a split in the KPRF, said Glazyev.

He also gave the lie to the words that the new coalition is prompted from the Kremlin and called them "stupidity and rubbish." "Voters, above all the country's people's patriotic forces are in need of this coalition," said the former KPRF supporter.

In his opinion, the KPRF will prevent the formation of the new coalition and in this way make a mistake because "the majority in the communist party is for broadening its sphere of influence".

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