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Andrei Krushinski: Alfred Nobel’s bomb

According to South China Morning Post, this hint means an intention to award a Chinese dissident with the prize. For many years of the Nobel Prize’s existence, an oppressive tendentiousness has prevailed; even among literary men, most often citizens of the spiritually poor United States have received the prize.

As for “prizes of peace,” they became one of the most poisonous weapons of the Cold War, the intervention in sovereign countries’ internal affairs, and the undermining of the forces of social and national liberation.

Is not blasphemy to award the US protege Kofi Annan with such prize, while one of Nobel laureates, Yassir Arafat, has to hide from Israeli bombs and colonialism’s counter-offensive is being deployed in Asia with the connivance of UN Security Council?

The international prize that was set up 100 years ago by the inventor of dynamite has become a time bomb, while the recent demarche of Heir Lundestad in Oslo signifies that bad times lie ahead: the Nobel Prize committee is intending, henceforth, to support US policy.

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Translated by Vera Solovieva

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