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Exhibition Devoted To 170th Anniversary Of Charles Darwin's Tour Round The World Opens In Moscow

The exhibition, which opens on Tuesday in the State Darwin Museum in Moscow, is devoted to the 170th anniversary of Charles Darwin's tour round the world. The future author of the evolutionary theory made this tour onboard the Beagle ship which visited Cape Verde, Tahiti, Australia, Coral Islands, Mauritius and other Atlantic islands and South American coasts. Everywhere Darwin studied insects, plants, minerals, rock and fossil animals. Scientists tend to believe that these naturalist collections gave material for the many-year research work which resulted in Darwin's revolutionary theory on descent of man and selection in relation to sex, that is, without the participation of God. The Darwin Museum exhibits a rare collection of humming-birds, one of its treasures, as well as drawings of the members of the participants in the tour round the world and the material about gigantic land tortoises on the Galapagos Islands. The visitors to the exhibition will have a chance to see the interior of Darwin's cabin on the Beagle ship, the model of the ship itself and the map of the voyage.

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