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Israel to become a monarchy; Arafat to lose the election

Palestine is getting ready for the presidential election
Remarkable things are happening in the Middle East: the monarchists of Israel set forth an initiative to bring back the monarchy in the country after a break of two thousand years.

One of the organizers of the meeting, Baruh Ben-Josef, said, “Monarchy was surely better than what we have now.” As the monarchists think, “a special council of wise men should elect the king, but the king is supposed to come from King David’s klan.

In the meantime, the people of Palestine are getting ready to elect the head of their country. As it turns out, Arafat has his competitors, and they are quite respectable people. The first is the Palestinian doctor of French origin Osama Nazal.

This doctor decided to launch a campaign tour across the Palestinian territories, urging everyone to acknowlege a moratorium on acts of terrorism for a period of six months. He said that he was calling upon everyone to suspend the intifada single-handedly: “We will give you [Israel] a six-month break; we will agree to stop performing acts of terrorism, and we will make you [Israel] resume negotiations,”- said Osama to Yediot Ahronot daily. The doctor has a good chance to win the election, and all candidates are gaining points on their harsh criticism or Arafat.

“Arafat’s administration was a debacle in all areas, beginning from the political and finishing with the social and economic fields. I would like to be the one to reconsider the notion “the authorities of the Palestinian autonomy” and to say “the governance of the dictator.”

Another competitor or Arafat is Colonel Fares Yasun (48), “If I am elected president, then the first thing for me to do is to cancel all the decrees and decisions that were made by Arafat, especially the ones concerning the security personnel. We have to give an opportunity to the new generation to govern the Palestinian people to develop a new strategy and counteract to the conflict with Israel,” – Yasun said.

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Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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