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Andrey Krushinsky: China’s reproach to America

China regrets the civilian casualties of the U.S. and British air strikes against Afghanistan, said Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Sun Yuxi Thursday.

Sun, at the regular press conference, said that China has always stressed that anti-terrorism actions should be aimed at specific targets, avoid hurting innocent people and the war should not be spread to other countries.

China believes that the fight against terrorism will be more effective if these principles are observed, and China hopes that these principles will be faithfully implemented, Sun stressed.

Against the background of flattery and applause on the part of the official circles of Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, this delicately formulated reproach can be perceived like a bolt out of the blue by Washington. However, there is nothing surprising here. PRAVDA.Ru earlier reported that China’s leader Jiang Zemin, who expressed the support to “anti-terrorist action” during the phone conversation with President Bush 4 days ago had something else to say: “We took it into our account, as Mr.President repeatedly said, the adequate military operation was aimed at specific targets, not against the Afghan people and Muslims, that there were measures taken to avoid casualties.”

Innocent people are now dying, the amount of casualties is growing. Thus, yesterday’s statement from the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman was like a reminder to Washington: the conditions, which were approved of by China were not observed. It is curious that China released that statement a week before George W.Bush’s arrival in Shanghai - to participate in the regular unofficial Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit (Vladimir Putin is also expected to participate).

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