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Little Boy Produces Fire Balls With His Eyes

A nine-year-old boy, Igor Nogovitsin from the settlement of Vychegodsky of the Kotlass district in Russia’s Arkhangelsk region revealed supernatural powers. Many witnesses saw the boy produce fire balls with his eyes; the balls set clothes, furniture and domestic appliances on fire.

The phenomenal capabilities revealed quite unexpectedly when the boy spent his winter vacations at his grandmother’s in the settlement of Cheremukha of the Kotlass district. Director of the local administration Boris Bobylev says that before the weekend mother of the boy asked to bring a priest to their home as strange things happened there: pails could fall by themselves, chairs turned over and a kettle fell down from the gas stove. What is more, clothes and furniture could quite unexpectedly ignite here or there in the house. When such unexplainable things happened, only Igor, his 72-year-old grandmother, his mother and his sister were at home. Fire fighters were called for to extinguish the fire. The fire extinguishing team also witnessed furniture and clothes suddenly ignite and burners of the gas stove inflame by themselves. The fire extinguishing team tried to find the cause of the strange ignitions, checked the electric wires, the flues and all electric appliances. No failures were discovered. Some unknown strange source was declared the cause of the ignitions.

Boris Bobylev says that the boy considers himself the cause of the ignitions, as “there are red balls in his eyes and in the head, the balls spring out and set everything on fire.” Relatives of the boy say that not long before the fire they saw a bright red glow similar to a laser ray going from the boy. This unusual glow was flying about the house chaotically, sometimes it split into several small particles. When it touched the furniture, everything was on fire. Several days ago Igor told his mother that he saw blue and green balls, but the woman believed it was a joke.

The struggle with the unusual ignitions in the house lasted for almost 24 hours. Then Igor told his relatives that he would immediately collect the balls that were flying about the house and let them go out. Igor says: “I let 106 balls out of the house, 26 of them fell into the well and the rest flew to the forest. But there are 212 balls still remaining inside of me.” Currently the boy undergoes psychiatric and other examinations in a Kotlass hospital.

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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