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What was she doing there?

The investigation of the tragedy above Lake Constance in Germany is going on. There are new details coming out about the work of the Swiss Skyguide control center.

It was earlier announced that there was one flight control officer in the office during the moment of the midair collision, although there should have been two of them, according to instructions. However, the journalists from Focus German magazine found out that there were two people in the office at the moment of the crash – the flight control officer and a woman.

According to the probe of the mentioned magazine, the woman was a young assistant, who was dealing with the “coordination of flight data.” There would be nothing blameworthy in that fact, if Skyguide representatives would have informed investigators about that at once. Frank Goeldner from the German flight agency said that Skyguide was swearing even a week after that there were only two men in the office at the moment of the crash, one of those men left for a break. Goeldner added that Skyguide did not say a thing about a woman.

Leading prosecutor Bernhard Hecht said in the interview to the magazine that they did not know, what the woman was doing there, if she was taking the only phone line, or if she detracted the officer’s attention. Then there are more questions arising – why did Skyguide conceal that woman from the investigation? The probe continues.

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