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11 illegal Bangladeshi immigrants deported from Novosibirsk

13.11.2002 | Source:



Eleven citizens of Bangladesh have been deported from Novosibirsk after they had been detained at the local airport for border violations.

RIA Novosti learnt from the press service of the south east regional department of the Russian Federal Frontier Service that the illegal immigrants had arrived from Dubai (the United Arab Emirates) and were detained when passport control officers suspected the legitimacy of their visas.

Verification procedures showed that the citizens of Bangladesh had received their visas from certain Moscow firms that did not have licences to issue the necessary invitations. Moreover, the passport details of the majority of the detainees also did not correspond to their visas.

The immigrants were to meet a middleman who would send them via Moscow to Europe.

The press service of the regional Frontier Service department reported that the illegal immigrants had already been deported to the United Arab Emirates.


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