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Foreign currency exchange rates as fixed by Central Bank of Russia - 13 November, 2003

The Central Bank of Russia fixed, effective November 14, 2003, the following rates of exchange of foreign currencies to the rouble of the Russian Federation:

1 Australian dollar 21.4985 roubles

1 British pound sterling 50.0885 roubles 1,000 Belarussian roubles 13.9424 roubles 10 Danish krone 46.8560 roubles

1 US dollar 29.8590 roubles

1 euro 34.8455 roubles

100 Icelandic krones 39.3866 roubles 100 Kazakh tenge 20.2439 roubles

1 Canadian dollar 22.9279 roubles

10 Norwegian krones 42.5985 roubles

1 unit of conditional drawing rights 42.6610 roubles 1 Singapore dollar 17.2725 roubles

1,000,000 Turkish lira 20.1071 roubles 10 Ukrainian hryvnias 55.3970 roubles 10 Swedish kronas 38.8921 roubles

1 Swiss franc 22.1736 roubles

100 Japanese yen 27.5401 roubles

The foreign currency exchange rates to the rouble of the Russian Federation are fixed for the purposes of accounting and customs duty payments and entail no obligation on the part of the Bank of Russia to buy or sell the currencies according to the above rates.

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