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Middle East: Israeli President proposes peace talks

15.08.2002 | Source:



Fatah suspends attacks in Israel

President Moshe Katzav of Israel has called on all Arab leaders to Jerusalem to examine the paths open for lasting peace. Fatah has announced that it will cease all hostile activity within Israel, while Hamas and Islamic Jihad state the terrorist attacks will continue.

Fatah and the Brigade of the Martyrs of Al-Aqsa have declared that hostile activity inside Israel is to cease, in an attempt to bolster the growing move for peace talks by the Israeli government, although they both proclaim that they will not renounce their rights to continue to fight against illegal occupation of their lands by Israeli settlers.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad have declared that while the Palestinian lands remain under occupation, the Israelis can expect no peace. This comes at a time when the 13 different Palestinian factions are trying to form a united list for the Presidential elections in 2003.


Photograph: Moshe Katzav


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