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Write a letter to Uncle Saddam and he will pay your taxes

Saddam Hussein is being generous to Palestinian families

At least 500 Palestinian families received financial aid from the President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein. This information was published in the Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post, with reference to sources in the Palestinian autonomy. The newspaper wrote that the sums of the payments varied between $500 to $25 thousand per family. This help was previously rendered only to Palestinian families that lived in the West Bank of Jordan and in the Gaza Strip.

The newspaper told the story of Ali Hiyazi, who lives in the Jerusalem area of Beit Hanoun. Ali is the father of five children. He recently went on a “pilgrimage” to Baghdad. When he came back from the Iraqi capital, he went to the fiscal department of the Jerusalem government and paid his debt. Then he went to the local energy company and paid for the electric power that he consumed as well. Ali (53) spent 30 years of his life working as a teacher in a private Arab school. He stopped paying his bills when the school started delaying his paychecks. Palestinian teachers acted like their Russian colleagues: they complained to the education ministry of the autonomy, the ministry did not respond, and they wrote letters to Yassir Arafat. Two months passed, but still there was no answer. Ali was lucky. He watched a television program, which told the story of how Israel accused Saddam Hussein on paying tens of thousands of dollars to the Palestinian victims of the intifada and to suicide bombers' families. The teacher perceived that report as an instruction to act. Ali gathered his colleagues, and they wrote a letter to the “Baghdad sultan,” asking him for help. Hussein responded, contrary to Arafat. The Palestinian teachers were invited to visit Baghdad in a month, and an Iraqi official gave each of them a check for seven thousand dollars.

The Jerusalem Post wrote that the Iraqi leader proclaimed the policy of help to “steadfast Palestinians,” even to those with Israeli IDs. Ali had such an ID, by the way, which entitled him to live in Israel. Palestinians know that it is only Saddam Hussein who will help them – neither America, nor the UN, nor Yasser Arafat. Palestinian sources informed that there are more and more families writing letters to the Iraqi leader, asking him for financial help. Iraq finds time and money to deal with those requests, in spite of the fact that the USA is getting ready to start the war against it.

Needless to mention that Saddam’s ratings among Palestine is growing every hour. A taxi cab driver said that Iraq paid for his dental operation, which a dentist from Baghdad performed on him.

This is what Americans should think about when they draw up their plans to overthrow Saddam Hussein. If they throw all their plans in the bin and leave this man alone, maybe he will be able to settle the major Mideast problem some day. Palestinians are writing letters to Saddam Hussein.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov