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Jews were deceived about the defensive wall

A security fence takes too much time and effort

There has been a lot of things said about the construction of the so-called separation fence, which will allegedly defend Jewish settlements from terrorists. So, is this defensive wall hype or reality?

Palestine states that the erection of the wall will turn Palestine into a reservation. The whole Arab world thinks the same way. However, there is no such opinion in Israel.

Right-wing parties have expressed their absolute disagreement with the idea of the wall. They believe that the wall will not at all help to settle the settlements' problems. In their opinion, the wall will be a vestige of weakness, not strength. Left-wing parties believe that the wall should be built, but it will be also necessary to liquidate certain Jewish settlements, since it will not be possible to protect all of them.

Raanan Cohen, the head of the State Control Committee visited the construction of the fence yesterday. The members of the committee were surprised to find out that there was no system of electronic protection at all. The fence looks like barricades, spreading only for six kilometers instead of 54. In addition to that, there is no joint control over the construction process.

Cohen advised that the rate construction is very slow. He also said that there were only 40 million shekels allotted for the construction, instead of 250 million, informed.

The Israeli government approved the schedule to build the first portion of the fence, which will separate Israel from the West Bank. This part of the wall will be 110 kilometers long. Ariel Sharon and Israeli Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer approved of the plan, which was suggested by the Israeli military. Pursuant to this schedule, the fence will be built up along the line that separated Israel from the West Bank until 1967. Sharon promised Peres to defend the Jewish settlements that he had founded.

In other words, the whole issue regarding the illegal construction of Jewish settlements in Palestine is expected to be solved on its own with the help of a great wall. This wall will mark Israel’s territory, and then there is peace. Private property, take that!

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov