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RAO UES head comments on power outage in USA

The blackout in the USA on August 14 has been the largest in the history of the world energy sector, RAO UES head Anatoly Chubais declared at a news conference in Moscow today. He noted that RAO UES believed that at least 70 days would be necessary to investigate the reasons of the incident and analyze the situation. Chubais mentioned that he had ordered to create an analytical task force to analyze factors that had caused this power outage. RAO UES has already asked the USA for more precise data about the incident.

The RAO UES head pointed to a "principle difference" between the US and Russian energy systems. In particular, the Russian system is highly centralized and the ties between its parts are firmer.

The capacity of the Russian energy sector is 215,000 megawatts, including 155,000 megawatts produced by RAO UES.

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