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US taking revenge on Taliban

For the entire night, bombs were being dropped on Afghanistan. Not only big cities were bombed but also places where Taliban troop concentrations was observed. US aircraft again used super powerful GBU-28 bombs, which are able to annihilate concrete underground shelters situated at a depth of several meters. According to the Western mass media, in northern Afghanistan, in the mountains, bomb strikes are still being continued. In general, the aircraft attack, which started last night, became the most powerful over the whole time of the military action. It is interesting that the Pentagon does not report about its successes. It is not known whether or not the Taliban's armoured troop-carriers, artillery, and at least an underground shelter were annihilated or not, at which the super powerful bombs are aimed. It is only clear now that neither bin Laden nor mullah Omar were injured. From time to time, they appear in the Arab mass media with articles and interviews blaming the US. It should be remembered that on Friday, George Bush had given “one more chance” to Talibs. He announced the bombardments would be stopped after bin Laden was handed over and the terrorist camps were closed. The Taliban ignored ultimatum number two. Therefore, the US is taking revenge.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Trump regime "sought options to strike Iran," falsely saying it may pursue a course no previous US leadership considered. More on this below.

The WSJ on US War Plans Against Iran

In response to the unlawful December 1 arrest and detention of Chinese tech giant Huawei's chief financial officer Sabrina Meng Wanzhou by Canadian authorities in Vancouver at the behest of the Trump regime, facing possible unacceptable extradition to the US, Beijing warned its high-tech personnel last month against traveling to America unless it's essential.

China Warns Against Travel to US and Canada