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Three more people infected with anthrax

Three more people have been hospitalized: a police officer and two biology experts, New York citizens. They were infected by a letter containing the virus, which came to NBC TV company. The policeman took the letter from the editorial office, while the biologists investigated it. The policeman was infected while being on duty. However, how could the experts have been infected? Do the beautiful anti-anthrax suits exist only to be shown in TV? On the whole, according to official reports, already eight people have been hospitalized with anthrax symptoms in the US: four people in New York and four people in Florida. According to some reports, 12 people were hospitalized. For today, it is clear that somebody is sending out letters infected with anthrax. At the same time, authorities do not hasten to blame terrorists for these acts, in spite of the growing number of hospitalized people with anthrax symptoms. This appears to be very strange. Earlier, scientists stated that the terrorists would simply not have enough money to carry out an action with a bacteriological weapon. But still, somebody is doing it. If not the terrorists, then probably schoolboys are fooling around?

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