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Sergey Borisov: Bin Laden Hides money in Honey

Terrorist number one does not only deal with weapons, drugs, and acts of terrorism undermining USA’s power and authority. Bin Laden also sells honey. As the London Times wrote, Osama bin Laden turned the Middle East into the region abundant with honey and weapons. According to information from intelligence sources, Bin Laden actively used a network of honey-selling shops to fund terrorist acts. Sometimes, guns are delivered together with batches of honey.

Honey is considered to be one of the most important food stuffs for the Middle East. Al-Qaida uses the “honey channel” for weapons and drugs. The network of honey-selling shops is managed by Osama’s people. There was the opinion that the prime suspect used charity funds and banks for his purposes. Now, it is known that the CIA was following Bin Laden’s “sweet trace,” but there had not been any luck yet. After the CIA found weapons in the honey batch, the interest of the American services towards that business rose a lot.

It became a prosperous business – to hide guns and drugs in honey, as the inspectors do not wish to “dig in the sticky substance” and check the entire batch of the goods. It is not only Winni the Pooh who knows that honey is a good product. There is the opinion that Bin Laden decided to make his business “sweet” in the 90s, when he was residing in Sudan. One of his companies owns a honey-manufacturing factory. Afghanistan is a country that produces a lot of honey. Osama bin Laden has two other honey companies in Yemen, the motherland of Laden’s father.

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