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Kuzbass Sends Coal To Chechnya

Fifteen rail cars of coal were sent from the Kuzbass Region, a coal mining centre in the south of Western Siberia, to Chechnya on Wednesday. This is the second shipment the Kuzbass Region is sending to the residents of Chechnya. The first 20 cars were sent on January 12. The region will deliver the total of 45 cars or approximately 3,000 tons of coal. The administration of the Kemerovo Region, on which territory the mines of the company Kuzbasspazrezugol are located, said that the coal shipments are meant to support the initiative launched by Governor of the region Aman Tuleyev to help the Chechen Republic. Chechnya is currently experiencing a critical shortage of coal used to heat residential buildings, hospitals, schools, day-care centres, and retirement homes. The coal is also meant for servicemen and policemen participating in the anti-terrorist operation.

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