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Russia ships out overhaul equipment for Swedish hydro

On Friday the Russian concern Power Machines (PM) has ended the shipping of equipment for the Swedish Langstremmen hydraulic power plant to be overhauled, the concern's public relations and advertising directorate informed.

The overhaul contract was concluded between the PM concern and the Finnish Fortum concern in September 2003.

Under the contract, the PM branch Elektrosila, based in St.Petersburg, had manufactured and supplied for the Swedish hydro a new hydrogenerator stator, fittings and a set of space parts.

PM specialists will make chief supervision of the generator assembly work, due to be over in October. The unit will be started up in early November.

It is the third PM project in Sweden over the last two years. Earlier, the PM and Fortum updated hydrogenetaros for the Krandege@Grundfors hydro.

The PM is a large Russian manufacturer and supplier of equipment for hydraulic, thermal, gas-burning and nuclear power plants, transmission and distribution of electricity, as well as transport and railway equipment.

The PM concern is made up of the Leningrad Metal Works, Elektrosila, Turbine Blades Factory, Polzunov Scientific and Industrial Association (St.Petersburg), Kaluga Turbine Factory, (Kaluga, Volga area), Energomashexport sales company.

The PM-manufactured equipment works in 87 countries. PM shares circulate at the Russian Trade System.

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