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Iraq: we are in the right

16.08.2002 | Source:



Iraq claims to be a victim of discrimination

Iraq claims to have followed all the UN resolutions to the letter and states that the current climate of demonology against the regime in Baghdad is no more than hysteria and the desire of certain nations to pursue private interests abroad.

Dr. Saeed al-Mousawi, the Director-General of International Organizations at the Iraqi Foreign Ministry claimed in a press conference that Iraq has satisfied all UN resolutions and accuses the USA of false allegations that the regime in Baghdad is trying to develop weapons of mass destruction.

The Director-General of the National Monitoring Department, Hussam Mohammed Ameen, has declared that all sites which were cited as having been involved in the production of weapons of mass destruction have been opened to the UN inspection teams and international journalists. “Anyone who wants to see first hand the false allegations uttered by the USA to justify aggression against Iraq can do so”, claims the Iraqi News Agency site, INA.

An example of the type of action practised during the last UN inspection team’s activity in Iraq is given by the Iraqi Foot and Mouth Institute, affiliated to the Agriculture Ministry, which specialised in producing veterinary vaccines. The UN special commission indicated this site as being illegal and it was destroyed by a strike in 1996. Since then Iraq has not had the facilities to take the fight against Foot and Mouth disease to other countries in the region, claims INA.



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