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Educational institutions unable to start new school year in Krasnodar region

16.08.2002 | Source:



As a result of a natural disaster in the Krasnodar region the buildings of124 educational institutions, largely schools, along with three collegeswere damaged, Russian Minister of Education Vladimir Filippov said at apress conference in Moscow today. Speaking about the damaged facilities inmore detail, he said the buildings and basements of schools were flooded,while furniture and parts of some libraries had been damaged. The Ministerof Education was quoted as saying the region will not be able to recoverfrom these losses by the beginning of the school year.According to Filippov, a number of Russian schools will not be properlyequipped to start a new school year. At the same time, the head of theMinistry of Education assured reporters in all ten regions of the SouthFederal District all problems with children's education had been settled,and they would be temporarily transferred to other schools..


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