Source Pravda.Ru

Russian fans of English soccer clubs play in tournament

On Saturday, 16 August, Moscow hosts the first tournament of Russian fans of English soccer clubs.

Alexander Lagutenkov, the tournament's executive director, told RIA Novosti that Moscow's Olympic Centre `Luzhniki` will offer its grounds to 8 teams lining up fans of such popular English soccer clubs as Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Newcastle, Southhampton and Volverhampton plus a team of sports journalists.

The tournament will be held in the mini soccer format: five field players and a goal keeper will play two times of 10 minutes each with unrestricted number of substitutions allowed.

The teams will be split in two groups. A round-robin competition in each group will send two best teams to the semi-finals. The two qualifiers will play in the final for the English League Fan Clubs' Cup.

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