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Million of Tajik people may die of hunger this winter

According to the information published in The Telegraaf Dutch newspaper, 1 million of the Tajik population (the residents of the republic of Tajikistan) may die of hunger this winter. U.N. announced, there should be urgent deliveries of food-stuffs carried out to Tajikistan.

The World Food Program, which is a U.N.’s constituent says Tajikistan was in a very serious crisis, that “the entire international attention should not be paid to the neighboring Afghanistan only.”

The draught lasts in the republic for 2 years. During the Soviet era the brotherly nations would do everything they could to save the republic. But now the situation is totally different in “the free world” and it ain’t anyone’s problem. U.N. said they needed $35 million to save the population of the republic of Tajikistan.

Prepared by Irina Malenko PRAVDA.Ru

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