Source Pravda.Ru

International paranoia against terrorists

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia – People’s Army (FARC-EP) has been a victim of the current state of panic over international terrorism, despite being involved in a process of negotiations with the Columbian government. The reason why is quite obvious – the fact that a movement which has a serious political and social policy, but which is Marxist-Leninist, frightens the imperialist tendencies of the USA into intervention.

Not only the USA but also its allies. Now the representatives of FARC see their entry visas into the European Union cancelled, under the anti-terrorist wave currently sweeping the world. This position violates the independent status previously assumed by the EU in the Columbian question.

FARC maintains that the decision to grant the conflict a worldwide status, tarring FARC with the brush of international terrorist, reduces the issue to one of pandering to the interests of the USA. FARC denounces the position of the EU, which understands nothing of the conflict inside Columbia, as being an attempt to hinder rightful social and political movements from fighting for their rights against oppressive regimes.

An example of the oppression with which FARC has to co-exist was given recently by the Fascist Paramilitary organisation, AUN, a terrorist organisation backed by the Columbian government and equipped and supplied by the USA, whose military personnel act as advisors to the faction. After weeks of provocation, FARC was forced to engage the AUN terrorist forces, who have been waging a terrorist campaign against civilians, kidnapping, torturing, raping and murdering those who live within the FARC-controlled areas.

These AUN forces have been continuing their campaign to exterminate the peasants of Columbia, while at the same time they blame FARC for the atrocities that they commit. The USA, terrified that another leftist regime may spring up in South America, are doing all they can to warp the image of FARC, one of the few movements in Latin America to have the real interests of the people it represents to heart.


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