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Prime-Minister Kasyanov follows Alexei Volin’s example. Oops!

It became known today that the government’s chairman Mikhail Kasyanov postponed taking decision about increasing of used cars’ import duties. Yesterday evening, in Moscow a sitting took place on increasing custom duties of used imported cars at the age of 3 to 7 years, and over 7 years. The conclusions of the Government Commission on Foreign Trade Protection, which prepared a special report on the subject, could not satisfy the Prime-Minister. According to the Commission’s representatives, the measures foreseen in the decree could stimulate Russian producers and cut down old motor-cars’ inflow to Russia. Though the Prime-Minister demanded to carry out additional calculations… It should be noticed that the decision about the custom duties’ increasing was many times put off. Therefore, now again Kasyanov is led by forces (including that ones in Russian government) lobbying interests of foreign producers. One of such lobbyist, Alexei Volin, was already mentioned by PRAVDA.Ru in its article titled “Statesman Cannot Think like an Average Citizen” by Sergei Stefanov. Though the same “diagnosis” could be made to the Russian Prime-Minister.

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Translated by Vera Solovieva

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