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Anthrax spreading in USA. 20 more people infected

The number people infected with anthrax has increased rather considerably today in America. Washington officially declared yesterday that there were eight people who fell ill and were hospitalized. However, according to unofficial sources, there were 13 sick people. Today, it has become known that more than 20 attendants of Tom Daschle’s personnel have been infected with anthrax.

We should recall that a letter to Tom Daschle arrived 2 days ago; the envelope contained a white powder. The person in charge of Daschle’s mail was taken to the hospital.

The American mass media reported that there 20 people from Daschle’s personnel were hospitalized. According to the latest reports, they do not have the symptoms of the disease, but the anthrax virus was found on their skin. There were no less than 40 persons in Tom Daschle’s office at the moment when that letter arrived.

AP photo: Police officers continue to guard on all floors the southeast quadrant of the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2001

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