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Moscow wants Korean peninsula to be territory of friendship and cooperation

Russia wants the Korean Peninsula to be a territory of friendship, cooperation and well-being, Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said at the opening ceremony of the new building of the South Korean Embassy in Moscow.

"Our country will be playing an active role in the settlement of the issues on the agenda," the Russian Foreign Minister said pointing out "very positive dialogue with South Korea".

Speaking about the current visit to Moscow by the South Korean Foreign Minister, Igor Ivanov said that Russia considers this visit "as an important contribution into the development of cooperation".

The new building of the South Korean Embassy in Moscow is opened 12 years after the established of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The new building of the South Korean Embassy is situated in Plyushchikha street in Moscow's centre. Its total area is 8,000 square metres. The building has a national architectural style.

According to Igor Ivanov, in summer 2002 he took part in the opening ceremony of the Russian Embassy in Seoul's centre.

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