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Iran, uranium, and Uncle Sam

The dispute between Russia and the USA about to the so-called axis of evil periodically happens on the pages of the newspapers and magazines. Exchanging ironic phrases has already become the daily practice in the relations between the two countries. PRAVDA.Ru has already published material on the subject before, saying that White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer claimed that George Bush was not excluding any variants of the actions against Iran, Iraq, and North Korea. If there are certain contradictions with Putin, then Washington will address its other partners and not to Russia. Fleischer said that the president was focused on the protection of the American people, Bush was not going to waste his time. Cooperation with Russia is surely important for America, but the establishment of the coalition with different countries and for different goals is also possible.

The Kremlin was not silent for long. On Friday, Vladimir Putin warned certain figures against groundless accusations of whole nations and people of their connection and assistance to terrorism. Putin specified in his speech in front of the business and political circles of Russia and Canada that it was requisite to coordinate the approaches of the state policy towards terrorism as well as towards the states, which were on the list of the axis of evil.

This should really be made clear, because Iran, Iraq, and North Korea are Russia’s business partners, and it is not correct to give them away to America and, secondly, it is not profitable.

Kamal Kharrazi, Iran's foreign minister is expected to arrive in Moscow soon. Kharrazi and the Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov will discuss the situation in Afghanistan and the region as well as issues pertaining to the struggle with the international terrorism, non-proliferation, and actual problems of bilateral collaboration. This may seem to be a very common, routine undertaking, but it only appears to be so. The part of the conversation that will take place beyond the framework of the official protocol is a lot more interesting. The question about the prolongation of the Russian-Iranian contract will most likely be discussed. The contract is for the construction of one power generating unit of the nuclear power station. The cost of the contract exceeds $800 million. There is also the agreement between Russia and Iran that the Russian Federation will deliver fuel for the Busher nuclear power plant. Furthermore, the Ministry for Nuclear Power is intended to organize the training of the Russian nuclear specialists in Russia.

The construction of the nuclear power plant in Busher is very irritating for the American government, which does its best to make this contract appear to be military in basis. Washington believes that Iran is using the nuclear station for military needs. Washington’s wish to push Russia aside from this perspective market brings up indignation in respond. That is why the visit of the Iranian foreign minister can be considered as a challenge to America.

Dmitry Chirkin PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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