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Americans to shower Iraq with flying scrap

US congressmen have addressed the White House administration, demanding information about Bush's plans regarding Iraq, theNew York Times reports.

“We need a national dialogue, republican Chuck Hegel said. If the US decides to take measures against Iraq, Americans should estimate the risk and understand the aims of the operation”.

As George Bush's secret plan of Saddams replacement with the possible use of armed forces was published, it was supported by republicans and democrats.

Yes, there is a plan; however, where are the real deeds, congressmen ask. For already a month, the plan to overthrow Saddam Hussein's regime appears in different newspapers, while the administration does nothing.

The White House asked for some time to think. “There is no concrete plan on the desk of George Bush. It will most likely not lead to a military invasion. Anyway, if some decision is taken, the White House will inform Congress, the said.

There could be no plan, though there are certainly some elements of it. For example, the Pentagon is considering the possibility of using intercontinental ballistic missiles with usual warheads to deliver strikes on targets in some future armed conflicts (i.e., in Iran, Iraq, etc.).

A high functionary of the US Defense Office said that they are estimating this plan. He did not mention Iraq, though the idea to use utilized missiles seems to have been born as a response to the possible menace from the countries that are now working on weapons of mass destruction.

They are cunning, those Americans! They can make money on everything. Two-hundred years ago, they bought lands for glassbeads and fire water, while now they want to make scrap metal fly and annihilate mythical missiles of Saddam Hussein, if he dares to launch them.

The plan is good, there is no denying; however, there is trouble: the launch of at least one of such inter-continental ballistic missile could be understood as the start of a new world war. Do theAmericans need this?

Dmitry Chirkin PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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