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Sergei Kirienko to Give Details of Russian Chemical Weapons Destruction Programme in Switzerland - 18 September, 2002 - News

Sergei Kirienko, the Presidential Plenipotentiary for the Volga Federal District and the chairman of the state committee for the destruction of chemical weapons, and Rudolf Imhof, the head of the Swiss Green Cross parliamentary group, are to discuss problems connected with the destruction of Russia's chemical weapons arsenal. The Plenipotentiary's press office told Rosbalt's correspondent that the meeting will take place in Berne on September 18. During his visit to Switzerland, Sergei Kirienko will also meet with Swiss Foreign Minister Josef Deiss and give a speech to members of parliament.

The Green Cross group is the largest fraction in the Swiss parliament. It was responsible for the initiative to donate USD 40 million to Russia to help destroy chemical weapons.

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