Source Pravda.Ru

Kirov region improves its transparency rating

The National transparency rating of procurement activities is an independent non-governmental project of public control in the field of economic and law analysis of the Russian market and state and private procurement activities.

The national transparency rating of procurement activities covers state buyers of the federal and regional levels and large companies. The rating was published in 2006 for the firs time and has become effective indicator of openness in the field of state order distribution.

This year Kirov region has received the National transparency rating of procurement activities certificate. This certificate confirms the transparency growth dynamics in Kirov region from the basic level in 2006 to the medium level in 2007.

There are 5 levels of transparency: low, basic, medium, high and secure. This year only 4 constituent units of the Russian Federation has been declared to have “secure transparency”. 32 percent of 244 participants, including Kirov region improved their positions in transparency rating of procurement activities in 2007, while 12.3 percent found themselves at lower levels compared with the previous year.

According to the regional contest and auction service the results of The National transparency rating of procurement activities show that Kirov region has increased the effectiveness of state budget expenditure and provided good conditions for competitive environment and development of small business and what even more important has demonstrated openness and transparency.

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