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Russia in European Union Debate in Portugal

A debate on the European Union which took place in the Stock Exchange Palace in the northern Portuguese city of Oporto produced divided opinions on the future adhesion of the Russian federation to the EU. The speaker of the Portuguese Parliament, Mota Amaral, suggested that there was no reason why Russia should not enter.

“I do not place any obstacle as to the entry of Turkey into the EU. And why not Russia? I think we should hold the door open because the Russian Federation is no longer one of our enemies”. However, the ex-Portuguese President Mario Soares, currently a Member of the European parliament was less enthusiastic, stating that until the Russian Federation lodged a formal request to enter, speaking about the issue was pointless.

Other topics under discussion were the need to create a European Tax to increase receipts, which are dangerously low and which threaten not to cover the cost of proposed programmes, also expansion to the East, the entry of Turkey and a new political union between the Member States.

Regarding expansion to the East, Portugal has a lot to lose because being one of the poorest countries in the Union, it stands to lose Community funding. However, as Mбrio Soares pointed out, Portugal has no moral right to deny much needed money to others and has to learn to live with what it produces.

Of all the countries in the EU, Portugal is perhaps the best teacher for the new pupils, because its history over the past 25 years has been similar, if not almost identical.


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