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No Affirmative Action for Terrorist Group

A separatist group operating in north-eastern India doesn’t has decided to no longer accept women into their ranks. The organization gives a very simple explanation: there have been too many instances when male terrorists fell in love with female members and gave up the armed struggle.

The Tripura National Liberation Front, which is fighting for separation from India, admitted about 70 young members last year to create a special unit consisting of women only, the Indian police informs. However, the action produced quite the opposite effect: male terrorists established contacts with female terrorists. Chief of the Tripura police Agartali Jaidev Dass says the presence of women caused a lack of discipline in the organization. Some of the terrorists even abandoned the organization, which weakened its strength. Some of them surrendered to security services, while others went into hiding, afraid of revenge from the rest of the group.”

Former member of the separatist group Makai Debarma, 25, and his 20-year-old wife Sharmil Debarma surrendered to the Indian police at the end of the last week. “Terrorist life completely emptied me. When I met Sharmil in the training camp, I fell in love with her; after several months, we escaped and got married,” Makai says.

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