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Crimean Tatars carry out Haj pilgrimage

110 Crimean Tatars are going from the city of Simferopol to Saudi Arabia to carry out the Haj. There are several women among the pilgrims, who are being accompanied, according to Islam rules, by their male relatives. This was reported by the president of Crimea charitable fund As Suna, sheikh Muhamed Al Kakhdani who represents royal divan of Saudi Arabia’s king and is at the same time director of special cabinet of the king’s son. Muhamed Al Kakhdani confirmed that among the Crimean Tatars there are several Muslims from Moldavia. The pilgrims will fly with a hourly flight from Simferopol to Medina and visit sacred Muslim places. On February 25, they will return home. Last evening, Muhamed Al Kakhdani met with chairman of Crimean Supreme Soviet, Leonid Grach, who last year addressed to the king of Saudi Arabia, asking him to invite Crimena Muslims to carry out the Haj. According to Muhamed Al Kakhdani, he organized this year’s pilgrimage on his own money, while having spent 250-350 thousand dollars. Most of money was spent for the flight. Crimean speaker Leonid Grach, in his turn, thanked Muhamed Al Kakhdani and asked to send his gratitude to the king of Saudi Arabia.

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