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America wants to save money on Bin Laden

The USA is wondering, why Bin Laden’s head is not at its disposal after such a huge reward was promised for it - $25 million. Why doesn’t such big money work in Afghanistan? Having analyzed this puzzle, the USA came to conclusion that the ignorant Afghans simply can not understand, how big this money is. The result of those speculations was the reduction of the reward to the level, which would be understandable for the Afghan people. The Americans, who have lost their hope to catch Bin Laden with the help of high technologies, believe that there are things, which could attract attention of the local population. Now the USA is offering to build a road, to dig a well for the information, which would be helpful in finding Bin Laden's traces. Another variant of the reward – a sheep herd. Well, this is better than knives and beads.

Times of India newspaper wrote that the American officials in Afghanistan came to conclusion that the local citizens were totally ignorant about the bucks, which made so many human heads spin. When Americans asked one of the civilians, what he would do with $25 million for Osama, he became very thoughtful. In the end he said that the money would probably be enough for feeding his nine kids during a year. That is why the Americans decided to set up the five million fund, from which they would be giving the reward for the information regarding Bin Laden – cash, sheep, or wells. The American officials think that a common Afghan citizen would rather become the owner of a sheep herd, than having millions of dollars.

In contrast to Afghanistan, the neighboring Pakistan knows the value of the American money. The mentioned newspaper wrote that the Americans managed to catch Ramzi Usef and Mir Aymal Kansi with the help of the local citizens in 1990. The USA paid 4 million dollars for the information, which helped to find these terrorists. This is not happening with Bin Laden for some reason.

The American top officials are afraid of mentioning his name in public. Seizing the prime suspect is one of the major goals if the anti-terrorist operation in Afghanistan. It seems like Bush wanted to get this man dead or alive, when the war was getting started. Now Bush's speeches have changed. As he has recently said, the war against terrorism was something bigger than pursuing one man.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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