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Russians about Lenin’s role in history

The Public Opinion Fund published results of an All-Russian poll held among 15,000 respondents on April 13. The results turned out to be really interesting: “the leader of the world’s proletariat” and founder of the Communist Party had played a positive role in the Russian (Soviet) history. Majority of Russians, 63%, share this opinion. Only 17% of the questioned consider Vladimir Lenin’s contribution to the national history negative.

The 80th anniversary of the pioneer movement is marked in Russia today. Yesterday in Moscow it was announced, the Pioneer Organization named after Vladimir Lenin, that used to be an All-Union organization, would be revived. Certainly, the organization’s name, its emblem and attributes would be changed, however, the main principle of the organization will be taken as a basis for a new organization, as “the pioneer movement had wonderful ideas as for young generation upbringing.” Chairman of the Moscow Government’s committee for public and interregional relations Tatyana Vasilyeva spoke about it at the recent meeting of artists held in Moscow on the eve of Vladimir Lenin’s birth date.

Thus, a unified children patriotic organization may be revived in the country once again. A pioneer ceremonial meeting was held near the Kremlin walls today, on the Day of Soviet Pioneer Movement.

To sum up the mentioned above. Over the first decade of perestroika the media and politicians lashed the Soviet era and values of the past. Nowadays, at the dawn of the 21st century, it looks as though the past years are being reviewed. Results of such opinion polls testify to the fact.

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Translated by Maria Gousseva

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