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Russian Defence Minister: Chechen terrorists' presence in Georgia is acknowledged even by Tbilisi

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov deems Georgia's refusal to extradite three Chechens suspected of terrorism to Russia as "a failure to observe the agreements reached at the top level". Thus he commented the recent decision of the Georgian Supreme Court in a conversation with journalists.

"The fact of terrorists' presence in the Pankisi gorge is acknowledged even by the Georgian leadership," Ivanov pointed out.

He recalled that the Chechens had been detained by Georgian frontier guards "with weapons in their hands, they were caught red-handed". "Afterwards it was decided at the top political level, that these people would be extradited," the minister said.

"The last judicial decision by the Georgian party not to extradite them I deem as a failure to observe the earlier achieved agreements," Ivanov emphasized.

In this connection, Russia should rely "not on statements and promises, but fist of all on strengthening the Russian-Georgian border and preventing terrorrists' penetration to the country," he believes. "I think it is the most important, while relying on promises is a very uncertain and ungrateful thing to do," the minister pointed out.

On May 16th the Supreme Court of Georgia refused to extradite to Russia three Chechens, who are accused of committing a number of grave offences on the Russian territory. The Court annulled the verdict of the Georgian Prosecutor General's Office on extradition of Islam Mulkoyev, Temur Baimurzayev and Adlen Usmayev. Earlier Tbilisi had extradited to Russia five Chechens out of the thirteen detained in Georgia last summer, when crossing the border.

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