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Vladimir Zhirinovsky to make Russian America's second official language

The Russian deputy will protect the rights of the Russian-speaking population of America
Vice-speaker of the Russian parliament Vladimir Zhirinovsky is to visit the USA once again; as usual, the objective of his visit is special. The vice-speaker says that he has offered to meet with representatives of the US presidential administration and the US department of state, as well as with the CIA deputy director and deputy minister for Domestic Security to discuss Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq. Although the Russian deputy knows little about the life of average Americans, he has a clear idea of the life of Russians in the USA. Moreover, he has plans to protect their interests in America.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky says that he will suggest that US President George W. Bush give Russian the status of the US's second official language. Zhirinovsky says that the Russian-speaking population of the USA makes up from 3 to 7 million people. immigrants from former Soviet countries exert great influence in America, and members of the Russian community in the USA are included in America's elite. That is why Zhirinovsky says it is quite natural to consider the attachment of an official status to the Russian language in America. In addition, the Russian deputy is going to strive for other rights of the Russian-speaking population of America; in particular, he assist people striving to return to Russia.

The reaction of America's Russian-speaking population is not clear yet. It is known that when Vladimir Zhirinovsky planned his meeting with the Russian-speaking diaspora in Boston, he was going to bring two boxes of Zhirinovsky vodka to help organize the presentation of his new book.

And what do Russians in the former Soviet republics think about the suggestion made by Vladimir Zhirinovsky concerning the status of the Russian language in the USA? Certainly, the Russian-speaking population in former Soviet republics would like the Russian parliament vice-speaker to come to the newly founded independent states and protect the interests of the Russians living there. These people need the support of a Russian politician or governmental official, as they have many problems as an ethnic minority.

Latvia, for example, refused to grant a visa to vice-speaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky, as he is on a so-called black list consisting of politicians who are not welcomed in Latvia.

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