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Siberia: fire brigades parachute on flaming woods

Airborne brigades will extinguish fire conflagrations in East Siberia's Sakha/Yakutia and Chita Region, reports the Forest Protection air base in Tyumen, a Siberian regional centre.

Fire consumed Yakut taiga forests in more than 9,000 hectares within last day and night alone. Dry, sultry weather makes the situation desperate. Four AN 2 planes and three MI 8 helicopters are engaged in fire efforts. 25 parachute jumpers of Tyumen have now reinforced the crews.

The situation is getting ever worse in the Chita Region, with eighty conflagrations. 700 hectares of woodland has perished in the fire over last day and night. Dry pinewoods are in the worst danger. The federal Defence Ministry intends to dispatch soldiers to help firemen.

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