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Problem of illegal migrants inside Russia impedes the solution of Kaliningrad problem

19.09.2002 | Source:



Special representative of the Russian President for the Kaliningrad problem Dmitry Rogozin, who is the head of the Duma (parliamentary) committee for international affairs, believes that in order to solve the Kaliningrad problem "it is necessary first of all to solve the problem of illegal migrants inside the Russian Federation." In an interview, given to reporters on Thursday, Dmitry Rogozin said that at its session the Duma international committee "considered the question about the prospects of concluding agreements with foreign countries on readmission (the return, reception and transit of the persons who illegally stay in the territory of one or another country that supports such an agreement).

According to Dmitry Rogozin, at this session the committee took a decision that within the next ten days the Federal Migration Service, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Finance Ministry will submit to the committee the necessary materials on the problem of illegal migrants inside Russia. After that Dmitry Rogozin will present an appropriate report to President Vladimir Putin.

The special representative of the Russian head of state pointed out that "the West pays keen attention to the problems of combating illegal migration." "Earnestly speaking, at first the Western countries allowed illegal migrants to live in their territories, and now they are as actively and heroically solving this problem," remarked Dmitry Rogozin.

At the present time it is necessary to toughen the policy with regard to illegal migration inside Russia. "We are interested in concluding agreements on readmission with many CIS countries." "We must not tolerate the situation any longer when our southern frontiers are wide open," underscored Dmitry Rogozin. He believes that those of the CIS countries which have a visa-free regime with Russia for the trips of their citizens to our country "will have to conclude the Agreement on Readmission in order to take back those illegal migrants who do not want to leave the territory of the Russian Federation."


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