Source Pravda.Ru

Inmates of Novgorod colony to be formalised as students

On Tuesday inmates of the Novgorod strict regime colony will be formalised as students.

As RIA Novosti was told in the Novgorod Regional Penal Directorate, a branch of the Novgorod subsidiary of the Modern Human Sciences University (Moscow) is to open in correctional labour colony OYa 22/7 In Veliky Novgorod (North-Western federal district).

Three inmates and two members of the colony's personnel will become the very first students and will study management, law and programming.

Moscow and Novgorod Professors will train the unusual students through the Internet. A special classroom with computer equipment has been fitted out on the colony's territory for this purpose.

The branch of the Moscow university, formed on the basis of the colony, will be the first of its kind in the Novgorod Region, though some prisoners of the Novgorod correctional labour establishments earlier underwent training by correspondence at other Russian colleges.

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