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Lithuania Seeks Constructive Solution to Problems of Transportation between Kaliningrad and Rest of Russia

19.12.2002 | Source:



Lithuania is seeking a constructive solution to the transportation problems between the Kaliningrad Region and the rest of Russia. This was announced on Wednesday, December 18, in Kaliningrad at a meeting of Russian and Lithuanian transportation experts.

According to a Rosbalt correspondent, Director of Lithuanian Customs Department Valerionas Valitskas said that there are no particular problems which should arise for the Kaliningrad Region when transporting goods back and for across Lithuania after Lithuania's entry into the EU. However, there are a few questions concerning road and rail transportation and the ecological demands that apply.

'We are willing to cooperate with our Russian colleagues to find mutually acceptable compromises on these questions,' Mr Valitskas said. 'Our only condition is that such agreements are made on equal terms. The suggestions we make to our Russian colleagues will therefore be in Lithuania's interests too,' he explained.

None the less, there are still problems facing international transporters working in the Kaliningrad Region. For example, 90% of the transport park consists of EURO-0 standard vehicles. It will take a considerable amount of time and money to bring it up to date. For this reason, Lithuania may allow the transport park to continue transportation until it its modernisation is complete.


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