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Putin: Printing money uncontrollably is very dangerous

20.01.2016 | Source:


Putin: Printing money uncontrollably is very dangerous. Putin speaks about Russian economy
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Russian President Vladimir Putin said that increasing the money supply in the country was very dangerous.

"Increasing the money supply infinitely and uncontrollably is very dangerous. This may lead to the effects that are not visible at first, but they will surely come if we act carelessly," Putin said at a meeting of "Small Business - National Idea" business forum, RIA Novosti reports. 

Putin reacted so to the idea of ​​stimulating the Russian economy by means of "quantitative easing."

In addition, Putin said that regulatory authorities should promote conditions for normal business activities, instead of collecting fines.

"The idea is to create normal conditions for economic activities. And, of course, one must protect consumers from ineffective business organizations," he added.


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