Source Pravda.Ru

Vladimir Putin: Term of presidency in Russia should not be extended from 4 to 5 years

Vladimir Putin believes in the present circumstances the term of presidency in Russia should not be extended from 4 to 5 years.

When speaking at a press conference in the Kremlin, he pointed out that it will result in amendments to the Constitution, which can destabilise the general situation in Russia.

"It is not so important, and it makes no difference whether the term will last four or five years. Five years two times would make a more stable situation, I believe. Five years will do," Putin stated at a press conference in the Kremlin.

"However, as for me, if I make up my mind to run for presidency next year and am elected, I will not insist on it," the President stressed.

According to Putin, "in the present circumstances it is not necessary, as it will lead to the necessity to change the Constitution." "The beginning of bringing changes to the Constitution is a destabilising element in itself," the President stressed.

"It is much worse than a four-year term of presidency. It is not so important whether it will last four or five years."

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